The hardest thing about raising a husky pup

the hardest thing about raising a husky, husky malamute crossbreed puppy on bike.

When we decided on adopting a husky puppy, we read everything we could about the breed and its needs. Huskies aren’t the easiest dogs to raise and train. They are beautiful and very family friendly. They are great with other dogs and great with kids. However, they are stubborn and since their behaviour is still …

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Minimalism Puppy's

A minimalist pup; the stuff you really need

minimalis pet, minimalist puppy, minimalism

Our pets are among the things that bring us the most joy in life. Even tough you could argue owning a pet isn’t really minimalistic nor great for the environment, they always keep us living in the moment and love us unconditionally. When preparing for the arrival of a new puppy, it seems often overwhelming …

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