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The coolest handmade Christmas presents for your pup

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It is the start of November, which means the preparations for Christmas have officially begun. However, it can be quite hard to find the best and most thoughtful gifts for everyone. No worries, I’ve selected the best handmade pup gear there is.

We like to support smaller (local) businesses that create handmade, high quality products. Not only does it save on pollution and exploitation, but often these smaller businesses support local charities as well. In that way buying these items will do good in so many ways and will make for the perfect holiday gift.

1- These adorable tags are handmade and customizable with the name of your dog. On the back of the tag you can add one or two telephone numbers. 10% of every sale is donated to a local animal shelter.

2- We know how much our pooches like it to play outside. However, during the winter months they can get pretty muddy which doesn’t make our homes that happy. Rules for listing ingrediĆ«nts aren’t the same for animals as for humans, so it can be really hard to find a mild dogshampoo with all natural ingrediĆ«nts. This shampoo is 100% natural and handmade. The jojoba oil nourishes the sensitive dog skin and gives shine to the coat. This dogshampoo being in a bar, also removes all unnecessary packaging!

3- Who doesn’t love a puppy wearing a bandana? I know I do! These bandanas by Olivia & Lemon are made of high quality fabrics and completely handmade.

4- More bandanas because bandanas are awesome. They not only look cute, but they can be easy tools for cooling down your puppy during summer (by rolling a cooling element in the bandana) or by keeping your puppy warm during winter (by combining the bandana with a scarf or a warmingpad)

5- These ceramic dog bowls are completely handmade and made extra sturdy, so no mather how large the dog, the bowl won’t scoop over. I love the white marble design but the white and blue pattern is pretty cute too.

6- This little treat pouch is easy to attach to your jeans so you’ll always have a treat on hand when training or hiking with your puppy. It is handmade out of sturdy wool, cotton and vegetable tanned leather so it won’t break and will withstand all kinds and types of weather. It is also waterproof, so your treats are truly safe in there.

7- This handmade collar is handmade using only the best fabric and materials. The collar is very strong, so it will last you a long time. It is possible to order something custom in the shop of Olivia & Lemon, so when you are looking for something really special or perfect fitting, you should definitely send them a message.

8- This handmade rope leash with matching collar is perfect for the adventurous dog. The name on the little tag can be personalized, which makes this a truly unique gift.

What are you giving your dog for Christmas?

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