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Getting a puppy can be a little bit overwhelming (okay maybe more like a lot overwhelming). In order to get the first few weeks of your puppy organized and stress free, I use my Bullet Journal to keep track of some very important aspects of raising a puppy.

The Bullet Journal system

In case you are not familiar with the Bullet Journal system, I’ll explain it to you. The Bullet Journal is a planner in an empty notebook. By not having anything printed already in your journal, you can custom it exactly to your needs. The most important thing in a Bullet Journal is the index. Every Bullet Journal starts with an index. In this index you can find every list (called collections) you ever made and find the page on which you can find this.

After the Index, you have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily overviews. In these overviews you put set deadlines and appointments. Writing in these yearly, monthly and weekly overviews is the only forward planning you’ll do. Daily overviews are made the day before the set date. By using a dot for appointments and a square for tasks, you can write down everything you have to do that day. Never write down the things that you want to do, only the have to’s of the day. By doing so you keep your to-do list for the day doable and stress free. When you have time left for more, you just check your weekly overview for an extra task.

In case you want to make notes during the day, you also add them to your daily overview.

Apart from regular planning, you can also put all the lists you want to make in your Bullet Journal. From future plans to a grocery list and from a cleaning schedule to all birthdays you want to remember. Simply add them to the index to find them back easily.


Products used to create the Bullet Journal

These are all products I used to create Nalle’s Bullet Journal. They are all high quality, easy in use and they’ll last you a long time.


A Bullet Journal for your puppy

So now onto the fun part. Creating a bullet journal just for your little furry pup!

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I started this special journal for Nalle with some important numbers I wanted to have on hand. The number of our vet and the number of another vet close by in case our own vet wouldn’t answer in case of an emergency. These are the most important numbers to always have on hand so they got the position on top.

Curious about the rest of the journal? Read the complete post with more photo’s and list ideas on:

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